In Situ Reticulated Viscoelastic Foams


 Number/Link: WO2016/198433

Applicant/Assignee: Covestro

Publication date: 15-dec-2016

Gist”: Composition of 3 semi-miscible polyols and a surfactant

Why it is interesting: This case claims a polyol composition for the preparation of a viscoelastic, reticulated foam without the need for a separate reticulation step. The composition consists of (at least) three polyols and a surfactant:  a low mole-weight all-PO ‘rigid’ triol, a conventional flexible polyol, a high- or all-EO polyol and some off-the-shelf silicone surfactant.  The composition is foamed with water and polymeric MDI or a polymeric MDI/TDI mixture. This is a well-known composition and it is hard to see why this should result in a reticulated foam – unless maybe in some fine-tuned cases.  Apart from the ball rebound being less than 15% the claims do not mention any parameters related to reticulated foam (such as airflow). It is doubtful (in my opinion) that this will get granted.

Cell structure of a reticulated foam

Cell structure of a reticulated foam

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