I have 35 years of experience in polymer science & technology as well as in patent searching & analysis. I help technical- and marketing managers, IP officers and patent attorneys solve their science, technology and patent-information needs.

While polyurethane is my speciality and core interest, I can also help with phenolics and epoxies and most other synthetic and natural polymers.

Science & technology monitoring, scouting & landscaping services:

  • State-of-the-art searches and “patent landscaping”:  result in a comprehensive overview and interpretation of the existing patent and non-patent literature published about a certain technology or by a specific company e.g.
  • Technology scouting: continuous monitoring of a specific technology, scientific development, company etc.  reported on a regular basis
  • Science and technology advice: answers “why” and “how” questions.  Why has a polymer a certain set of properties and how can a material with a certain set of properties be made…
  • Competitive analysis: what have your competitors been working on, or which companies are active in a certain field.

IP-specific services:

  • Freedom-to-operate (FTO) searches:  these answer the question if you can produce and/or sell a certain product in a certain geographical area without infringing someone’s patents.
  • Patentability searches: these answer the question if your inventive product or process can be patented. A patentability search will result in the “closest prior art” and an outline of the main claims.
  • Validity searches: answers the question if a certain patent is valid.  If a patent is deemed invalid it can be opposed or ingnored.
  • Pre-drafting: a first outline of your patent application and main claims saving you time (and money) when discussing your invention with a patent attorney.

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