TPU/PU-Acrylate Semi-IPNs


 Number/Link: WO2016/191118

Applicant/Assignee: 3M

Publication date: 1-dec-2016

Gist”:  TPU and PU-acrylate oligomers are blended and radiation-cured

Why it is interesting: According to this invention semi-interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) that are prepared from thermoplastic polyurethane (or urethane/urea) and acrylate-functional polyurethane oligomers are highly heat-stable and abrasion resistant and can be used for the production of microstructured surfaces.  Microstructured (‘riblet’) surfaces with dimples or ridges of a few to a few hundred microns deep are used as drag reducing coatings on planes, ships and in aeronautics. In the examples 90% of a commercial TPU is blended and co-extruded with 10% of a commercial aliphatic urethane acrylate oligomer.  The extruded film was then laminated on on a microreplicated liner, radiation cured and removed from the liner to produce the riblet surface.

Microstructured layer according to the invention

Microstructured layer according to the invention

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