Carbon-Black Reinforced Polyurethane Tires


 Number/Link: US20160060420

Applicant/Assignee: Goodyear

Publication date: 3-03-2016

Gist”: Dried, pulverized C-black is used in cast elastomer

Why it is interesting: According to this invention cast polyurethanes with properties useful for tire production can be made by incorporating 2-4% (w/w) of carbon black, pulverized to an average particle size of 5-10 μm. The carbon black is dispersed in the polyol component together with molecular sieves to absorb the water inherently present in carbon black.  It is said that removing the water allows the carbon black to react with an excess of isocyanate present, thereby greatly improving its reinforcing characteristics. Although not mentioned in the text I assume that the tires are intended for low-speed vehicles only.

GoodYear Tire

GoodYear Tire

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