Novel Aliphatic Polyester Polyols for TPU


 Number/Link: WO2015/185744

Applicant/Assignee: DSM

Publication date: 10-12-2015

Gist”: Polyester polyols from succinic- and sebacic acid mixtures

Why it is interesting: Aliphatic polyester polyols used in polyurethane elastomers, are usually based on adipic acid and diols like MEG, DEG, butanediol or mixtures of these. Since recently, succinic acid has become a commercially avaible renewable compound and it makes sense to use it in polyester polyol production. Replacing adipic acid by succinic acid however, results in polyesters with a reduced hydrolysis resistance (at the same polyol molecular weight).  According to this invention this can be solved by using blends of succinic acid with C8 to C36  diacids, most preferably with sebacic (C10) acid.
Not a spectacular innovation and probably not as such patentable but a solid, useful idea.

Sebacic acid

Sebacic acid

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