Superhydrophilic Polyurethane Coatings


 Number/Link: US2015/0344725

Applicant/Assignee: InnoSense

Publication date: 3-12-2015

Gist”: A hydrophilic anti-fog coating is pepared by incorporating silica particles  and organosilicate micelles

Why it is interesting: A superhydrophilic coating composition is made from a polyurethane prepolymer together with 1-5% (w/w) of a ~30nm monodisperse colloidal silica and up to 10% (v/v) of organosilicate micelles having a hydrophilic porous ‘shell’ and a (pref.) hydrophilic ‘core’, all in a solvent. The composition is said to be especially useful for anti-fog coatings on optically-clear plastic substrates (polycarbonate, polyurethane, polyester..).  According to the theory the porous shell of the micelles draws water away from the coated surface while the micelle cores act as a water reservoir.  Very clever.

Superhydrophilic coating accordin to the invention

Superhydrophilic coating according to the invention

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  1. Thanks for sharing.Great post.


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