Particle-Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyurethane


 Number/Link: WO2015/031292

Applicant/Assignee: SABIC

Publication date: 5-03-2015

Gist”: TPU is reinforced with ultrafine particles made from engineering thermoplastics having a melting point of over 200°C.

Why it is interesting: Particulate polyarylsulfone, polyimide, poly(phenylene sulfide) or polyamide, with a melting point or glass transition higher than 200°C and average particle size between 5 and 200 μm, is melt-blended with TPU at a temperature below 200°C and in an amount of 10-30% (w/w).  Alternatively the particles could be mixed (“slurried”) with the polyol and/or isocyanate used to produce the TPU.  The resulting composite is said to have increased hardness, tensile strength and heat resistance.
Sabic is becoming quite active in polyurethane innovation and is apparently looking for synergies with its engineering thermoplastics business.

Poly (1,4-phenylene sulfide) (PPS)

Poly (1,4-phenylene sulfide) (PPS)

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