Polyurethanes from Alpha Glucan


 Number/Link: WO2018/017789

Applicant/Assignee:  Du Pont

Publication date: 25 january 2018

Gist”: Polyurethanes containing poly alpha 1,3-glucan

Why it is interesting: The invention is related to the preparation of different types of polyurethanes comprising poly alpha 1,3-glucan, which is a polymeric D-glucose having alpha 1,3 glycosidic bonds (as opposed to most natural glucose polymers which show α or β 1,4 glycoside linkages). Alpha 1,3 glucan can be prepared by enzymatic polymerization using sucrose and a glycosyltransferase. The glucan can be mixed with polyols and reacted with isocyanates to prepare polyurethanes.  Many examples are given ranging from PUDs, films, flexible foams to TPUs.


Poly alpha 1,3-glucan


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