SiC-PU Nanocomposites


 Number/Link: WO2017/027231

Applicant/Assignee: 3M

Publication date: 16-feb-2017

Gist”: Surface modified SiC particles are dispersed in and covalently bound to a polyurethane matrix

Why it is interesting: Silicon carbide (carborundum) particles with an average particle size of about 500 nm are NCO-functionalized by reacting with a surface modfifying agent, e.g 2-triethoxysilylpropylisocyanate. The modified particles are then dispersed and covalently reacted into a polyurethane/polyurea matrix in an amount of 50-55% (w/w) on the composition. The composites can be made into highly erosion resistant films, for use on the outer surface of aircraft.



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