Insulating Wood-Aerogel Composites


 Number/Link: WO2015/144267

Applicant/Assignee: Huntsman

Publication date: 1-10-2015

Gist”: Aerogel particles are incorporated in composite wood boards

Why it is interesting: Composite wood products (OSB, MDF..) are  well known and popular construction materials which are produced by compressing wood fibers (or flakes and the like) together with a binder like e.g. a polymeric MDI. Typically these materials show thermal conductivity values of about 50 mW/m.K at densities of around 200 kg/m³.  According to this invention these insulation values can be significantly improved by incorporating (a large amount of) hydrophobic nanoporous particles and binding the composite with an in-water emulsified isocyanate. In the examples silica aerogel particles and wood fibers are mixed an bonded with an emulsifiable MDI. The amount of particles ranges from about 25 to 50% (w/w) resulting in composites with densities below 200 kg/m³ and insulation values of about 20 to 30 mW/mK.

Medium density fibreboard (MDF).

Medium density fibreboard (MDF).

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  1. Avanindra Pratap Singh

     /  October 3, 2015

    Thanks to share…

  2. Jean Yves Germain

     /  October 2, 2015

    I don’t see any advantage in using hydrophobic aerogel rather that micronized precipitated silica (for exemple Tixosil 375) which are cheaper and hydrophile. I expect a lower density and a better insulation with a hydrophobic micronized precipitated silica..


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