Polyurethane Foams from Sugar

Title: Sugar-Based Polyurethanes, Methods for Their Preparation, and Methods of Use Thereof

 Number/Link: US2013030067

Applicant/Assignee: Imperial Sugar Co.

Publication date: 31-01-2013

Gist”: Very low density semi-rigid foams are produced from sucrose syrup and MDI.

Why it is interesting: Open celled foams are prepared from sucrose, water, MDI and preferably a  flame retardant at an NCO index from 20-60 (preferred). A number of examples is given of foams with densities 0f 8 kg/m3 (0.5 pcf) which is quite low.  Mechanical an heat insulation properties are probably not very good but the foams are very ‘green’ and cheap. Useful as sprayable acoustic foams?



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