Insulating Elastomer-Aerogel Composites


 Number/Link:  US2013022769

Applicant/Assignee: UNIV MEMPHIS

Publication date: 24-01-2013

Gist”: Elastomeric material containing aerogel ‘bodies’, useful for heat insulation.

Why it is interesting:  The elastomeric matrix material can be any kind of thermoset or thermoplastic rubber, including polyurethanes but RTV silicones are preferred. The aerogels can be organic, inorganic or hybrid, but are preferably polyurea-crosslinked silicas of any geometrical shape,  preferably 1-5mm in size with an aerogel:polymer ratio of 15:100 to 200:100 (w/w). Both insulation and mechanical properties compare favourably to ASPEN aerogel blankets. Useful for insulation of cryogenic fuel tanks a.o.

Space shuttle with PU insulated cryogenic fuel tank.

Space shuttle with PU insulated cryogenic fuel tank. (Wikimedia)

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