Polyurethanes from Bisphenol-Based Polyols



Applicant/Assignee:  Presidium USA

Publication date: 18 October 2018
Gist”: Polyurethanes from high functionality  bisphenol-based polyols

Why it is interesting: The invention relates to high functionality (and high viscosity) polyols that consist of bisphenol moieties and aliphatic polyol moieties and that can be prepared by reacting a bisphenol-based polycarbonate with a short-chain, high functionality polyol in the presence of a suitable catalyst or promotor.  In the examples a bisphenol-A based polycarbonate powder is reacted with propoxylated pentaerythritol and a tetra – OH – functional tert-amine that acts as a promotor.  The polyols are said to be useful for high stiffness polyurethanes that show improved heat distortion and a relatively low reaction exotherm.


Catalytic tetrol used in the invention


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