TPU with Anti-Biofouling Surface


 Number/Link: WO2017/007899

Applicant/Assignee: BASF

Publication date: 12-jan-2017

Gist”: TPU containing silicone diol and having microstructured surface

Why it is interesting: Biofouling of surfaces e.g. in the marine environment or of medical implants is a problem.  For example the growth of barnacles on the hulls of vessels, subsea cables, pipes and energy generating structures has a significant economic impact. According to this invention, thermoplastic polyurethane articles with a surface energy of about 20 mN/m and a microstructered surface topography show an improved resistance to biofouling. The TPU is produced by incorporating 5-15% on the total composition of a PDMS diol with a OH value of 15 to 150, and by pressing onto the surface a 3D topology with ‘peaks’ and ‘valleys’ of an order of magnitude of 10μm.

Microstructured surface according to the invention

Microstructured surface according to the invention

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