Cross-Linked Melt-Spun Polyurethane Fibers


 Number/Link: WO2015/007731

Applicant/Assignee: BASF

Publication date: 22-01-2015

Gist”: Melt spinning a TPU – prepolymer blend.

Why it is interesting: Crosslinked polyurethane fibers are produced by melt-spinning a thermoplastic polyurethane which is melt-blended with a specific isocyanate prepolymer composition.  The prepolymer composition is a mixture of a polymeric MDI and the reaction product of a polyester polyol and an excess of 4.4′-MDI. The polyester polyol is prepared from adipic acid together with 2-methyl-1,3-propanediol (MPdiol) and/or trimethylolpropane. The prepolymer composition is characterized by its low viscosity (probably due to the use of the branched polyester).  The crosslinked fibers show an improved tensile set and temperature resistance.

Polymeric MDI

Polymeric MDI

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