Fuel Resistant Polyurea


 Number/Link: US20140171587

Applicant/Assignee: PRC DESOTO

Publication date: 19-06-2014 (priority PCT)

Gist”: Sulfur-containing polyformal polyols are prepolymerized with aliphatic diisocyanates and then cured with aromatic amines.

Why it is interesting: Sulfur-containing polyformal polyols are prepared from thiodiglycol and paraformaldehyde using acidic catalysis.  The polyols are then reacted with 4,4′-dicylcohexyl diisocyanate (H12MDI) to form a prepolymer which is subsequently cured with an aromatic amine like dimethylthiotoluenediamine. The resulting material is water and fuel resistant and can be used as a sealant in the aerospace industry.

H12MDI-thiodiglycol-polyformal adduct

H12MDI-thiodiglycol-polyformal adduct

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