Can NOPs Rejuvenate Hot Cure Moulding?


 Number/Link: US2013/210951

Applicant/Assignee: Bayer

Publication date: 15-08-2013 (priority PCT)

Gist”: Castor oil based polyols designed for hot cure flexible foam allow for higher renewable content.

Why it is interesting: In the recent years there has been a growing use of renewable-resource based polyols in flexible foam production. However, because the current moulded flexible foam industry is dominated by the so-called “cold cure” process which typically needs highly reactive polyols, the maximum amount of renewables is usually limited to about 10% of the polyol. Bayer have now developed a natural oil based polyol specifically for hot cure moulding. The polyol of the invention is based on castor oil, EO, PO and a DMC catalyst such that the total amount of EO is 20 to 30% and the total amount of primary OH is between 35-45%.  When used in a hot cure moulding process the polyol allows for at least 30% (on the polyol) of renewables with foams having properties similar to conventional hot cure foams.

Major Component of Castor Oil

Major Component of Castor Oil

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