Polymer Polyols with Phosphorous-Containing Particles


 Patent Number & Link: WO2013101524

Applicant/Assignee: Dow

Publication date: 4-07-2013

Gist”: PHD and PIPA polyols are produced in the presence of phosphorous containing polyols

Why it is interesting: PDH or PIPA polymer polyols can be prepared by dissolving a low MW amine- or  hydroxyl containing co-reactant in a ‘base polyol’ and subsequently reacting with an isocyanate. When executed properly and with the correct ingredients this results in a stable dispersion of respectively urea or urethane particles in the base polyol. (see also previous posts in this blog). This invention states that by using phosphorous flame retardants containing amine or hydroxyl groups in addition to the co-reactant, PIPA or PHD (or hybrid) polymer polyols can be prepared with flame the retardant incorporated in the particles, resulting in a flame retardant polymer polyol.

Phosphorous polyol as used in the invention

Phosphorous polyol as used in the invention

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