Hybrid Polymer Polyols


 Number/Link: WO2013090325 (=US20130158142)

Applicant/Assignee: Bayer

Publication date: 20-06-2013

Gist”: A hybrid SAN-PHD filled polyol allows for higher solids content and lower viscosity.

Why it is interesting: “Filled polyols” (i.e. polyols containing dispersed particles) are well known in polyurethane technology and are available in three types depending on the type of particles dispersed. “PIPA” polyols contain polyurethane particles, “PHD” polyols contain polyurea (“polyharnstoff”) particles and “polymer polyols” contain SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile) particles. The polyol in which the particles are dispersed is called the ‘base polyol’. The current invention teaches the preparation of a hybrid filled polyol by using PIPA or PHD polyol as (optionally part of) the base polyol to produce a SAN polymer polyol. The hybrid polymer polyol reportedly has has a lower viscosity at higher solids content and foams produced with it are claimed to have improved fire and VOC properties.



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