Translucent Rigid Foams


 Number/Link: WO2018/178139  WO2018/177987  (German)

Applicant/Assignee:  Covestro

Publication date: 4 October 2018

Gist”: Rigid foam formulation is mixed without air to delay nucleation

Why it is interesting: The invention is about translucent rigid foams which are said to be useful as wall and roof elements such as light strips, light domes and the like.  The foams are based on (pref.) trimerized aliphatic diisocyanates and are blown with water.  The composition is degassed and then mixed without inclusion of air to delay nucleation. The resulting foams have a course cell structure and thick cell struts which apparently allows light to pass through.


Desmodur N3900

Asymmetric trimer of HDI (iminooxadiazinedione)


Hybrid Polyisocyanurates for Composites and Coatings


 Number/Link:WO2018/087395 WO2018/087396  WO2018/087399 (German)

Applicant/Assignee:  Covestro

Publication date: 17 May 2018

Gist”:  Di-isocyanate trimer is reacted with hydroxymethacrylates and polyacrylates in the presence of a trimerization catalyst. 

Why it is interesting: According to these inventions a reaction system with two curing modes can be prepared by mixing high functionality oligomeric isocyanate, ethylenically unsaturated compounds, unsaturated compounds containing isocyanate-reactive groups, timerization catalyst and a free-radical initiator at an NCO index of 100 to 200. The system shows a relatively low viscosity and can e.g. be used in fiber-reinforced composites and in coatings. In the examples HDI trimer is reacted with hexanedioldimethacrylate and hydroxypropylmethacrylate in the presence of potassium acetate and a peroxybenzoic acid.

HDI isocyanurate


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