PU-FPOSS Coating Compositions


Number/Link: US20170204291

Applicant/Assignee: Boeing

Publication Date: 20 July 2017  (published as PCT)

“Gist”: Ice repellent polyurethane coatings are prepared by incorporating F-POSS prepolymers

Why it is interesting: The invention is about coated surfaces that show reduced ice formation and/or adhesion. This is accomplished by incorporating fluorinated polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (F-POSS) into the composition. OH-functional F-POSS is prepared as per the scheme below, which is then reacted with polyisocyanates to prepare an NCO-functional F-POSS prepolymer.  The prepolymer can then be used in PU coating compositions, or reacted with amino-functional PDMS compounds and used as an additive in coating compositions.
It is believed that the F-POSS particles interfere with H-bond formation of ice to the coated surface.  Ice repellent surfaces are particularly useful for aircraft, wind turbines, cooling equipment and the like.

Synthesis of OH-functional trifluoropropyl POSS

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