Formic Acid Blown EPIC Foams


 Number/Link: WO2016/131874

Applicant/Assignee: BASF, Covestro

Publication date: 25-08-2016

Gist”:  One shot rigid isocyanate-epoxy foams blown with formic acid

Why it is interesting: This is the first in a series of (at least) 3 patent applications apparently resulting from a cooperation between BASF and Covestro on epoxy-isocyanate (“EPIC”) foams.  The other applications are WO2016/131878 and WO2016/131880 published on the same date. More publications may follow.
The current invention is about temperature-resistant foams with reportedly very high mechanical properties prepared form a one-shot system comprising a (pref.) high functional MDI, a (pref.) bisphenol-A or bisphenol-F polyglycidylether, at least one reactive amine catalyst and a blowing agent comprising formic acid. The ratio of iso to epoxy groups is (pref.) 3:1 to 15:1. The resulting materials are post-cured at 200°C. The foams contain no, or very little, urethane or urea groups and are said to be especially useful in laminates a.o.  In the examples foams with densities of 25-35 kg/m³ with a thermal conductivity as low as 20 mW/mK are shown.

Bisphenol-F diglycidylether

Bisphenol-F diglycidylether

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