Modified Polyols for Improved PU Adhesives



Applicant/Assignee: IFS Industries

Publication date: 27-08-2015

Gist”: Polyester diols are partially capped with bulky glycidyl esters

Why it is interesting: According to this invention polyester (or polyether) polyols which are partially capped with a bulky glycidyl ester can be used to improve the adhesive properties of (reactive) polyurethane (hotmelt) adhesives. Specifically the adhesion to materials with low surface energies like ABS or polyolefines is said to improve. In the examples polyester diols prepared from adipic acid and hexanediol with a Mn of about 3000 are partially capped with the glycidyl ester of neodecanoic acid (“Versatic Acid 10”) and used in PU adhesive formulations.

Glycidyl ester of neodecanoic acid

Glycidyl ester of neodecanoic acid

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