Renewable Polyurea from Lysinol


 Number/Link: US2014/275311

Applicant/Assignee: Du Pont

Publication date: 18-09-2014

Gist”: Use of lysinol as renewable monomer for nitrogen-containing polymers including polyurea.

Why it is interesting: Lysinol or 2,5-diamino-1-hexanol is an amino alcohol derived from the amino acid lysine by  hydrogenation.  Lysine itself is produced by fermentation from sugars.  Annual production of lysine is apparently in excess of 1 million tonnes and its derivative lysinol is therefore considered as a potentially interesting biorenenawable monomer for a number of nitrogen-containing polymers. This patent application claims lysinol-based polyamides, polyimides, polyureas and “urethane crosslinked” polyureas including foams. In the examples urethane-polyureas are produced by reacting lysinol with hexamethylenediisocyanate using DABCO as catalyst.

Preparation of the two lysionol enantiomers from lysine.

Preparation of the two lysinol enantiomers from lysine.

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