Polyurethane Foam Containing Iron Particles for Improved Oil Absorption


 Number/Link: WO2014/008554

Applicant/Assignee: Advanced Simplicity Technologies

Publication date: 16-01-2014

Gist”: Incorporation of iron particles improves the oil-absorbing capacity of PU foams.

Why it is interesting: The mineral-oil absorbing capacity of PU foam is well known and documented (see e.g. WO/1995/031402  and WO/1999/005066 ).  Current invention claims that the oil absorbing capacity of the foam can be greatly improved by incorporating inorganic particles, esp. metallic iron or silica. The particle size of the particles is chosen such as to protrude the foam cell walls so that they are exposed inside the foam pores (pref. 50 to 200μm). In an example an MDI-based  foam containing 70% (w/w) of iron powder was shown to absorb about 10g of oil per gram of foam.

Oils Spill at Sea

Oils Spill at Sea

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