Omniphobic Polyurea


Number/Link: US2019/0031909

Applicant/Assignee: US Navy

Publication Date: 31 January 2019

“Gist”: Polyurea topcoat containing both silane and perfluoro groups

Why it is interesting: According to this invention, a coating having both hydrophobic and oleophobic properties can be prepared by reacting an alkoxysilane-terminated polyurea with a perfluoromaterial having at least one alkoxy- or hydroxyl group. In an example a coating is prepared by reacting a polyurea based on HDI trimer and N-butyl-3-aminoppropyltrimethoxysilane with triethoxy(perfluoro-octyl)silane. The coating showed contact angles of more than 140 degrees vs water and more than 90 degrees vs hexadecane.


Reaction system according to the invention


Polyurethane Prepolymer with Very Low Monomeric Isocyanate Content


 Number/Link: WO 2016/142513

Applicant/Assignee: Henkel

Publication date: 15-09-2016

Gist”: An NCO-ended prepolymer is reacted with a bis(alkoxysilylalkyl)amine

Why it is interesting: This invention is about laminating adhesives with a ‘primary aromatic amine migration limit’ of less than 10ppb, in accordance with the EU regulation for food packaging laminates. The low monomeric content is achieved by first making a NCO-ended prepolymer, which is then reacted with an monofunctional ‘H-acidic’ compound, preferably a bis(alkoxysilylalkyl)amine.  In an example a mixture of diols (OHv 108 to 236) was  reacted with 2.4-TDI down to an NCO value of 3.85%. Then 4,4′ MDI, trimethylolpropane and a triiso based on TDI were added to an NCO value of 2.2%.  Finally the prepolymer was reacted with bis(3-(triethoxysilyl)proplyl)amine at an NCO/NH ratio of 7:1.  Final NCO value was 2% with 0.05% (w/w) free 2,4-TDI and less than 0.01% free 4,4′-MDI. The prepolymer is said to be useful in 1K and 2K adhesive compositions and is said to have better adhesion properties and reactivity compared to NCO-free adhesives like sile silane-terminated PU adhesives.



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