Modified Polyisocyanurates


 Number/Link: WO2017/182108 WO2017/182109  WO2017/182110  (German)  

Applicant/Assignee:  Covestro

Publication date: 26-october-2017

Gist”: Partially trimerized diisocyanates are modified with monofunctional isocyanate-reactive compounds before complete trimerization

Why it is interesting: This series of applications relates to transparent polyisocyanurate coatings with controlled hydrophilicty, hydrophobicity, high scratch resitance etc. According to the invention trimers of diisocanates are reacted with a sub-stoichiometric amount of monofunctional hydrophobic, hydrophilic or siloxane-containing compounds, and then completely trimerized. In the examples HDI-trimer (prepared by partially trimerzing HDI and removing the rest of the monomer by thin film distillation) is reacted with e.g. methoxyPEG 500, dodecanol, perfluoroheptanol and N-(3-trimethoxyxilylpropyl)foramide and then trimerized using potassium acetate as catalyst.  The materials can e.g. be used as anti-fog coatings on optical lenses or anti-fingerprint coatings on cell phones.


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