Tack-Free Polythiourethane Gels


 Number/Link: WO2017/054797 (German)

Applicant/Assignee: Technogel

Publication date: 6-april-2017

Gist”: Tack-free polyurethane gels are made from polythiols

Why it is interesting: Very soft polyurethane elastomers or “gels” can be made using high functionality isocyanate and monols (as co-invented by myself – e.g. EP1389222 ) or by reacting a high functionality polyol/siocyanate system at low isocyanate-index (as invented by Bayer – later spun off as Technogel).  PU gels are useful as shock dampers, gaskets and cushions but are always tacky and need to be covered or wrapped, which changes their damping and hardness characteristics. According to this invention tack-free gels without the need for covering can be produced by using polythiols instead of polyols, resulting in poly(thiolurethanes) instead of polyurethanes. This is interesting and surprising and I wonder if it would work with the monol-gels as well.


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