Low Density Foamed TPU


 Number/Link: US2017/0073490

Applicant/Assignee: Sunko Ink; Tayin R&D

Publication date: 16-mar-2017

Gist”: Blown TPU pellets are subjected to a second foaming process using microwaves

Why it is interesting: Thermoplastic polyurethane is extruded together with an excess of blowing agent using a single screw extruder and a pelletizer. The foamed pellets are then put in a mould together with water and subjected to microwave radiation which causes the pellets to expand and sinter into a moulded part. In the examples expandable microspheres are used as blowing agent in amounts of 5 to 25 php of TPU. The pellets are irradiated for 20 to 180 s at a power of up to 5000 W. Moulded densities as low as 170 kg/m³ are achieved.

SEM picture of moulded TPU according to the invention


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