Flexible Foams Containing PPE Polyols


 Number/Link: WO2015/041905

Applicant/Assignee: SABIC

Publication date: 26-03-2015

Gist”: Use of poly(phenylene ether) polyols in flexbile foams

Why it is interesting: As expected Sabic continue their series on the use of poly(phenylene ether) in polyurethane materials. This application is about the use of (some) PPE polyol in flexible foams. The resulting foams are said to have improved hardness, tear- and tensile strength. In the examples 10 to 40% of a PPE diol (on total polyol) is used together with other polyols, MDI or TDI and water as blowing agent, resulting in flexible foams with densities ranging from about 25 to 50 kg/m³. The PPE diol is a copolymer of 2,6-dimethylphenol and 2,2-bis(3,5-dimethyl-4-hydroxyphenyl)propane with an equivalent weight of about 1000.

PPE diol used in the invention. Q5 and Q6 pare methyl.

PPE diol used in the invention. Q5 and Q6 are methyl groups.

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