Highly Stable Isocyanate Dispersions


 Number/Link: WO2014/053269   (German)

Applicant/Assignee: Evonik

Publication date: 10-04-2014

Gist”: A uretdion-containing isocyanate prepolymer is reacted with a neutralized aminealkylsulfonic acid to produce a novel hydrophilic (latent) isocyanate which can be used in stable aqueous dispersions.

Why it is interesting: Aqueous dispersions of isocyanates are useful in many applications as adhesives, binders, crosslinkers etc, but usually suffer from a relatively short shelf life.  Dispersions prepared according to the current invention supposedly lose less than 30% of their initial NCO value after 12 weeks storage at 50°C. In an example an aceton-solution of  an IPDI-uretdion prepolymer with an isocyanate content of 1.5% is reacted with the sodium salt of an aminealkylsulfonate in water to an NCO value of 0.1%. After removal of the aceton the resulting dispersion had a latent isocyanate content of 4.5%

Dimerization of isocyanate to uretdion.

Reversible dimerization of isocyanate to uretdion.

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