Classic PU Patent of the Month: The First “HYPOL” Foams (1974).

Title: Dental and biomedical foams and method

 Number/Link: US3903232

Applicant/Assignee: W.R.Grace

Publication date: 2-09-1975

Gist”: A branched, low NCO prepolymer made from all-EO polyol and TDI or pMDI is reacted with a large surplus of water to make a new class of flexible foams.

Why it is interesting: HYPOL™-type foams are very soft, highly hydrophilic flexible foams which can be produced catalyst-free from a high EO prepolymer and a high surplus of water. Originally the prepolymers were based on all-EO triols or tetrols and TDI 80/20, or -alternatively-  PEGs and polymeric MDI. Later these systems were further improved by myself in 1991 using 75% EO triols and 4,4′ MDI. The (after drying) low- to medium density foams are very robust and versatile, can be compressed and restored by adding water, and the specific production process allows to add all kinds of functionalities via the water stream. The HYPOL trademark is currently owned by Dow Chemicals and may encompass a wider range of materials than original.



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