Tack-Free Polyurethane Gels


 Number/Link: US20130011621

Applicant/Assignee: Polymer Concepts Inc.

Publication date: 10-01-2013

Gist”: Tack-free “non-bleeding” polyurethane gels by plasticizing a low-hardblock PU system with oils.

Why it is interesting: Polyurethane gels are often produced from low NCO-index systems, or other systems comprising ‘loose’ chains causing tackiness. Alternatively plasticizers can be used which can exude or ‘bleed’ especially at elevated temperatures.  This case claims a tack-free and non-bleeding gel.  In the example a low hardblock, index 98 system is plasticized by a combination of soy oil and epoxidized soy-oil, together with some 500cS silicon oil. Instead of natural oils a combination with hydrocarbon oil is claimed as well.   If true, this would be an interesting system, but it is hard to believe that the oils will not bleed over time. Especially the hydrocarbons.

Excercise Ball from Tack-Free PU gel

Excercise Ball from Tack-Free PU gel

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