Reducing aldehyde emissions from flexible foams

Title: POLYURETHANE FOAMS WITH DECREASED ALDEHYDE EMISSIONS, A PROCESS FOR PREPARING THESE FOAMS AND A METHOD FOR DECREASING ALDEHYDE EMISSIONS IN POLYURETHANE FOAMS  Number/Link: WO2013116092 Applicant/Assignee: Bayer Publication date: 8-08-2013 “Gist”: Use of small amounts of hexamethylenediisocyanate trimer or small amounts of “PHD” polyols result in reduced aldehyde emissions from flex foams. Why it is […]

Self-Healing Polyurethane Coatings

Patent Title: Self-Repairing Polyurethane Networks  Number/Link: US20160289495 Applicant/Assignee: Clemson University Publication date: 6-10-2016 “Gist”: Polyurethane networks with alkylated polysaccharide moiety show self-healing properties Why it is interesting: Chitosan (pref.) is alkylated by reacting with dodecylaldehyde (in solvent) and reducing the resulting imine with sodium cyanoborohydride. The alkylated chitosan is then reacted with isocyanate and polyol.  When […]

Aromatic Isocyanates from Biorenewables

Title: PROCESS FOR PREPARING POLYISOCYANATES FROM BIOMASS  Number/Link: US2012302786 Applicant/Assignee: BASF Publication date: 29-11-2012 “Gist”: Lignin is reduced to hydroxy- or alkoxy monocyclic aromatics by pyrolysis (e.g.), condensed with formaldehyde, aminated and subsequently phosgenated to produce isocyanates. Why it is interesting: The use of renewable raw materials has been a steeply rising trend in the polyurethane science- and patent […]

Smell-free flexible polyurethane foams at last?

Title: METHOD FOR PRODUCING A MOLDED FOAM ELEMENT  Number/Link: WO2012135888 Applicant/Assignee: EUROFOAM GMBH Publication date: 11-10-2012 “Gist”: Use of cyclic oligosaccharides to reduce smell in PU flex foam Why it is interesting: Because they are often used in confined spaces like living rooms, bedrooms and cars, smells and and ‘volatile organic compounds’ (VOC)  in general have always been a […]