Flexible Foams with Reduced Aldehyde Emissions

Patent Title: POLYURETHANE FOAMS HAVING LOW LEVELS OF ALDEHYDE EMISSIONS  Number/Link: WO2018/145283 Applicant/Assignee:   Dow Publication date: 16 August 2018 “Gist”: Cyclic 1,3-diketones are used as aldehyde scavengers Why it is interesting: Aldehyde emissions from flexible polyurethane foams (and many other materials) remain an issue and have been discussed a number of times before in […]

PU Flexible Foams with Reduced Acetaldehyde Emissions

Title: METHOD FOR THE REDUCTION OF ALDEHYDE EMISSION IN POLYURETHANE FOAM Number/Link: WO2017/134296 Applicant/Assignee: Huntsman Publication Date: 10 August 2017 “Gist”: Cyanoacetamide is used as aldehyde scavenger Why it is interesting: Reduction of aldehyde emissions from (especially flexible) polyurethane foams remains an important issue and has already been discussed a number of times on this […]

Polyurethane Foams with Reduced Acetaldehyde Emissions

Patent Title: POLYURETHANES WITH REDUCED ALDEHYDE EMISSION  Number/Link: WO2015/189095 Applicant/Assignee: BASF Publication date: 17-12-2015 “Gist”: A polymer with pending -O-NH2 groups is used as additive Why it is interesting: The reduction of VOC emissions, especially emissions of aldehydes from PU foams, remains an important topic of research. A number of solutions have been proposed, for […]

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